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EC3D is the only Canadian-based company that makes medical-grade compression garments based on an expertise of 15 years of research and development. Designed and manufactured in Laval, Quebec, their garments stand out through their quality, their unique design and their sense of innovation. Therefore, using the same mindset, we created a very clean design for their ecommerce website using the Magento platform.

Our goal : SIMPLIFY. Not only the shopping experience, but also the understanding of compression gear.

Advanced Filtering Options

Minimalistic and Concise content presentation

Optimized, Simple and Easy 2-Step Checkout

Simple and Visual Presentation of Technology

ec3d - bootique en ligne
ec3d - bootique en ligne


Synced Inventory

EC3D Sports uses AcombaX for their accounting and to manage their inventory of several thousand products. We have connected the AcombaX system to the Magento ecommerce for a real-time sync of the inventory.

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